2008 Nfl Draft Preview: Cleveland Browns' Wishlist

Are generally Lakers (3-0) The reigning champions went 3-0 in their opening week, including a blowout enlighten an upstart Golden State set. Pau Gasol averaged 25.3 points in the original three games, shooting 52.5 percent from the field. With Andrew Bynum on the shelf for a variety of more weeks with a knee injury, Gasol's numbers are much more impressive.

Buffalo got shafted together with NFL from your a home game in December against warm weather Miami. Farmville will be inside and toasty for the Dolphins. Nevertheless think the bank notes are mad enough november 23 24 to 17.

Yet Philadelphia can make all of their irrelevant by giving New York one last humiliating deficit. The Eagles are in to offseason of change and turmoil, so dooming the Giants into the same fate would be fitting.

The Giants need to strike the Eagles while also needing the Chicago Bears to lose to the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings to get rid of to the green Bay Asian Dallas Personals Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys to lose to tv history Redskins. But the Giants-Eagles and Bears-Lions games are one ones that start at 1 k.m. est.

The Colts had truly let their defense win one against Cleveland a couple weeks ago. Don't expect Manning and the boys perform that badly two weeks in a row. Colts 27 Bengals 17.

Atlanta at Carolina - Some people are calling for John Fox's head already in Carolina and they must. Not letting Moore inside of the game sooner this past Sunday would be a joke. Carr is intense. Simply terrible. Fortunately for the Panthers, she's out immediately and the rookie will shine against a terrible Atlanta team. Panthers win.

This year will be very special to every bit of us. Brian will be home from Germany just in time watch the big game around. On Superbowl Sunday, issue how who is playing, realize that some find usa curled by means of the couch, and I am sure my dad's spirit is there with us as well, checking on this next generation, are already are cheering the touchdowns, moaning the fumbles, and being together.

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